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Please look at the Frequently Asked Questions below to see if your query is answered:

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The caretakers office hours are Mon-Fri 8am - 6pm, Sat 8am - noon

EPM, and specifically the Caretakers, do NOT provide a porterage service

Under exceptional circumstances and by prior arrangement it might be possible for smaller parcels to be held ion the office. In view of the busy nature of the office however parcels should be collected at the end of the day. EPM cannot accept any liability for items delivered to the office.

Normally they would accommodate this by your PRIOR agreement and at your risk.

A limited amount of parking is available during the hours permitted for works.There is a parking fee currently set at £20 per day. Reservations and Access via
the Caretakers. There is NO overnight parking.

Parking for one vehicle is sometimes available in the Annexe courtyard during the hours permitted for works. There is a parking fee currently set at £20 per day. Reservations and Access via the Caretakers. There is NO overnight parking.

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Whilst we cannot recommend any specific tradesman the Caretakers are aware of tradesmen who are known to have undertaken satisfactory work at EPM.

Owners can have water meters fitted by contacting Thames Water.

The erection of satellite dishes is NOT permitted.

Virgin Cable is provided to Park Walk. Owners should consult with the Managing Agents (KFH) if they wish to connect to their flat.

Suitable pets may be kept in the flat. BUT pets which, in the opinion of EPM Ltd, might cause annoyance to other residents may not be kept. It is advisable therefore to discuss your intentions with the Managing Agents (KFH) prior to making any commitment.

A revocable licence is available if certain conditions are met.

Any proposed alterations should be discussed with the Managing Agents (KFH) prior to starting any work as a licence to alter might be necessary. Painting and decorating the internal faces of your flat do not require approval.


Caretakers Office
Caretakers Ofice - Elm Park Mansions
79A Elm Park Mansions


Andrew Edgson
Fiona McAvoy

tel/fax:  020 7352 3499
email: caretakers@elmparkmansions.co.uk

Mon-Fri  8am - 6pm
Sat         8am - noon

Managing Agents

Kinleigh Folkard Hayward

Management queries

Matt Bridges

email: mbridges@kfh.co.uk
tel:  020 3542 0146

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